Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Modesty Matters - Burst of Colour

Are you looking for a simple outfit for Wednesday night or youth service?  Then this is just for you: a pop of color with a cropped undershirt, a white cardigan, black belt, houndstooth skirt and heels.  Total cost - $159

Burst of colour.

Jane Norman white cardigan
$53 -

Topshop top

Topshop top

Topshop top

Patterned skirt
$21 -

Betsey Johnson pumps

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Esther Spotlight - Kim Ballestero

This week our Esther Spotlight focuses on a woman who has proclaimed her love of the Lord through her music. Sis. Kim Ballestero's inspirational singing filled my childhood home as often as my sister could change the CD. As my family is very musical, my sister and I learned how to sing by listening to Sis. Ballestero week after week, and my sister especially developed a love for her music. When we attended Esther Conference together, we both got to meet this great woman of God and became close friends with her daughter Kalyx. My sister is very proud to be able to say she had an opportunity to sing with Sis. Ballestero after the talent show, and I can truthfully say they both did an exception job. Music is a ministry that inspires just about everyone; even if you do not speak the language being sung, the Spirit of God can move on you through the music. We, as God's people, replaced Lucifer as God's musicians, and music is just one of many ways that we can beat the devil down!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Modesty Matters - Princess by Kate

With cooler weather moving in, every girl wants to look cool while staying warm.  Try the Princess by Kate combo:  a cute grey sweatshirt, long denim skirt, cream head scarf, grey vanity glasses, and cream patterned flats.  Total cost - $147

Princess by Kate

Who Are You Going To Marry?

I know that for many of you girls it is going to be a while before you get married, but I believe that it is important for every girl to read this article, It Matters Whom You Marry, by The Christian Pundit.  It really does matter whom you marry, and God has the perfect man picked out for you!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Modesty Matters - Graphic Design Princess

Geek is SO chic, and every girl wants to feel like a princess. Putting together a Disney inspired outfit can be as simple as matching colors! Try a yellow knotted t-shirt with a back tank.  Add a pink pencil skirt and some sky blue converse all-stars, and for the finishing touches, add two pink bows, black vanity glasses, and a Snow White decal for your laptop.  Total cost - $132.89 (without laptop, but with decal)

Graphic Design Princess

SNOB yellow t shirt
$23 -

H m
$6.02 -

Converse star shoes

Tech accessory

Hair bow accessory

Black eyewear