Sunday, March 31, 2013

Esther Spotlight - Donna Linville

I decided to begin this blog and the Esther Spotlight with a woman who has definitely impacted my life, Donna Linville.  As a child, I listened to her singing, watched her videos, and even prayed that God would make me just like her one day.  As I grew older, my grandmother became more and more involved in Virginia District Ladies Ministry of the UPCI, and when Sis. Donna Linville was moved on by the Lord to begin a ministry for young women between the ages of ten and fifteen, I was given the opportunity to help my grandmother work the registration booth at Esther Conference.  Thus I was able to meet one of my role models in person, and I was able to listen to the Word of God pour from her mouth as she spoke night after night.  Through her many, many ministries, so many young girls like me are growing into the godly women God wants them to be, and I thank the Lord every day for her. - Victoria Hutchison

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